Meet Your District 5 Supervisor: Mitch Mashburn

Since taking office in the middle of a pandemic, Supervisor Mashburn has faced unique challenges in the distribution of infrastructure funding and finding a return to normalcy. The District includes one of the busiest installations in Air Mobility Command, some of the nation’s richest farm and grazing land, a significant delta ecosystem, and the people who call this region home. Starting strong with a background in public service as a City Planning Commissioner, City Councilmember, and retired Sheriff’s Lieutenant in Corrections, Supervisor Mashburn has decades of budget experience that has been put to the test in setting direction for ARPA funding. Supervisor Mashburn has continued to earnestly implement his agenda for taking on long-standing problems including homelessness, water and resource management and protecting Travis Air Force Base while improving the quality of life for the residents of Solano County and its cities.

Supervisor Mashburn's Accomplishments:

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Leadership Style

Even through increasing challenges, Supervisor Mashburn’s tenure on the Board of Supervisors has been hallmarked by listening and leading by example. Service is not a spectator sport, and Supervisor Mashburn’s packed schedule reflects that. To that end, Supervisor Mashburn has made a point to step up and show up, taking on new leadership positions, new challenges, and new opportunities to improve our communities.


Solano County, with a rich agricultural legacy and diverse crops, is a "Right to Farm" county. Supervisor Mashburn promotes agribusiness support, partnering with farmers and growers under the "Help Us Help Them" initiative. He's reached out to next-generation farmers from various associations, emphasizing that county policies should protect farming rights and adapt to market shifts to ensure agriculture's future.


Collaborating with Solano's seven cities, Supervisor Mashburn spearheaded the restructuring of the CAP Solano JPA to better address homelessness. He advocates for a regional, transparent approach that recognizes diverse needs. This collaboration aims to secure previously inaccessible grants, enhancing support for the homeless towards health and security.

Solano's Unincorporated Areas

Supervisor Mashburn actively addresses code enforcement in Solano County's unincorporated areas, focusing on health and safety violations. He and his team regularly meet with 5th District landowners and residents regarding issues like unsafe structures, fire prevention, and contamination. This initiative has led to an improved code enforcement structure.

Public Safety

In keeping with his commitment to public safety, Supervisor Mashburn continues to meet with leadership, county staff and bargaining groups from Deputy Sheriffs, Corrections and Probation, to ensure their needs are met and that their voices are heard.

Travis Air Force Base

Supervisor Mashburn strongly supports Travis Air Force Base. He led opposition to a SMUD wind turbine project that threatened the base's missions, aligning the county's stance with the Air Force's goals. He also participated in the California Defense Summit in Sacramento to show County-TAFB unity.


Thousands of veterans in the 5th District, many from Travis AFB or Mare Island Naval Shipyard, stayed for base benefits and healthcare at the VA and David Grant Medical Center. Supervisor Mashburn is committed to addressing their needs, emphasizing services provided by Solano County and other available support for local veterans.

Safeguarding Solano's Water

Supervisor Mashburn, through the Delta Counties Coalition, developed educational tools highlighting the downsides of the state's delta conveyance plans. He represented Solano County in D.C., opposing the harm to the Delta's economy and ecosystems for new water conveyance systems. Historically, there's tension between North State and regions south of the Sacramento Bay Delta over water needs. From the 1980s canal proposal to recent twin tunnels, Delta counties often bear greater costs. Mashburn remains committed to safeguarding Solano's water resources.

Government Budgeting

Supervisor Mashburn consistently meets with department heads to understand their needs and their role in the shared responsibility of serving the residents of Solano County. Instead of waiting for budget hearings, he actively participates from the start.

American Rescue Plan Act

Supervisor Mashburn has worked tirelessly to ensure that more than $12 million available to Solano County was spent prudently to provide new and better infrastructure along with key job training and education needs today and into the future.

Improvements to Solano's Environmental Commitments

Supervisor Mashburn has been supportive of efforts to improve the county’s environmental commitments in County-owned and managed buildings. New energy efficiency investments and programs are saving money and helping the county meet state mandates for greenhouse gas emissions.

Conditions at Cache Slough

He has worked hand in hand with the state’s Department of Water Resources to improve conditions at Cache Slough, a project that remains critical to the Delta’s health.

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