Goals and Objectives:

Supervisor Mashburn has the benefit of a wealth of experience in public service, and that life experience informs new approaches to meet the needs of the Solano County of today and tomorrow. 

To that end, Supervisor Mashburn prioritizes the following issue areas with a clear set of goals and metrics:

Improving communication between County Government and the people it serves through our successful email program, through coffees, town halls, social media and other channels to foster an ongoing and two-way line of communication.

Ensuring safe neighborhoods and safe communities in a responsive public safety structure.

Protecting Solano County’s needs of water for urban use, agriculture, and the environment without allowing our communities to mitigate for the state.

Protecting Solano County’s long-standing commitment to balanced budgets and strong reserves.

Respecting the Mission of Travis Air Force Base and being a strong neighbor and community partner for the men and women of Team Travis.

Enforcing the Right to Farm commitment to family farmers and ranchers in Solano County.

Protecting the Delta for the families who call it home, for its unique beauty, agriculture, recreation, water supply and habitat for now and for future generations.

Ending the explosion of the homelessness crisis by helping those who seek a path out while enforcing safety needs of our entire community through a regional approach.

With teeth now in our Code Enforcement programs, ensuring that action is taken on education, prevention and enforcement.

Stewarding American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to ensure all monies now committed are spent responsibly with both present and future generations in mind.

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